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How to reduce the latency of online games?

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It's hard to play your favorite MOBA game due to horrendous delays, high pings, and delays. There are millions of active gamers in the world whose skills are affected by delays in online gaming.

There are many reasons for the delay, such as substandard graphics cards, poor connectivity, poorly optimized visual Settings, or just your ISP. For loyal gamers, high or late can jeopardize your skill and reputation because every action or skill you make is affected.

So, with your love of online games in mind, we'll provide you with a guide to making your low-ping experience easy.

Use Kilping to reduce latency.

As gamers constantly complained about the erratic latency spikes in Overwatch, they had to have a one-stop solution to kill every enemy that every gamer in Overwatch faced. Based in Hong Kong, KillPing is the leading ping reduction app used by gamers.

Overwatch players can subscribe to Kilping, reducing latency by 60% (according to some tests, YMMV!). . Kilping provides remediation delay reduction features, including:

  • Optimize the game server.

  • Exclusive support for DOTA2. Overwatch, League of Legends, CS: GO.

  • Supports over 100 MOBAS and MMORPGs.

  • Customize the game configuration.

  • You can access all kilping servers by subscription.

  • Unlimited server switch.

  • You are advised to select a server.

  • Real-time technical support and assistance 24/7.

Kilping uses its high-speed and state-of-the-art servers around the world to enable online gamers to connect to servers closer to the area they want to play. For example, Malaysian players who want to stay ahead in the EU can choose from a number of European servers, including London, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris, etc.

Players can also get real-time server statistics and see the status of all servers on the Kilping page. Expert support representatives are always available to answer frequently asked questions and tutorials, and expert support representatives are always available to help. Their annual package is currently on sale. If you're in a hurry, you can buy it cheaply:

It is recommended to use low intensity encrypted tunnel protocols, mainly FlyGateVPN(UDP and TCP), but due to its high speed, players can also use IKEV2.

How can overwatch's latency be fixed and reduced?

  • Blizzard's official support page identifies several possible delay factors in the game Overwatch. Blizzard has identified a list of applications or drivers that need to be uninstalled from Windows SPC:

  • LAN optimizer, such as Gigabyte. Realtek.

  • Killernice.

  • Asus GameFirstiiiIIIII or IV.

Specific router quality of Service (QOS) options.

For players who use QOS packet shaping, Blizzard recommends contacting the manufacturer to disable QOS services or configure routers with Overwatch.



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