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16 Fun and Cool Things (part 2)

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Learn 16 fun and cool things to do with VPNS! Many times, using one can provide many benefits. That's what I want to talk about today. Read on for 16 fun and cool things you can use a VPN service.

5. Reduce the risks and fears of online shopping.

If you're hesitant about online shopping resources, a VPN can reassure you that your information is safe. It will be used when it is over a public or insecure network connection and makes purchases on a new site.

Because your connection is through an international service route, you can also access suppliers/websites that will otherwise be blocked by firewalls. Even if you're traveling to different countries, you can order things for your home so you can wait for you at the door when you get home.

VPNS can also access PayPal in some countries, including Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and other blocked places. You can connect to servers in nearby countries so that you can shop freely on EBay and check your payments. In short, VPNS make online shopping safe and smart.

6. Enjoy Torenting minus the legal hassle and DMCA notices!

Well, unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know the benefits of P2P/torenting for entertainment geeks, app testers and game lovers. Everyone can download seeds in one stop!

While the closure of copyright infringement hunters in the P2P industry has increased restrictions on Torent's sites, even now I find all my games, movies/TV shows on KAT, ThePirateBay, org, and more, and download them through Bitorent.

The only change is that I have to be alert to DMCA notices. A VPN will come in handy, encrypting my Internet connection to mask my identity. In short, if you're an avid pirate, VPN is a great tool!

7. Avoid snooping online.

From the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, fourteen Eyes Alliance to the DMCA, MPAA and other organizations around the world, many people constantly monitor the illegal sharing or downloading of information on the Internet and indulge in mass surveillance and information sharing.

At the same time, you need to be alert to cyber criminals who may invade, cheat or attack your private network. If you're not careful, you could end up on a watch list.

One of the best steps to mitigate these risks is to get a reliable VPN solution. You don't see anonymous activity or online changes to IP addresses.

8. Unlock social media in banned countries!

China, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, North Korea and other countries are banned from accessing facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms all day long. They limit your ability to explore the Internet.

China even blocks Google and many of its services, which can be a barrier for anyone visiting the country, as you can't access your Google account, Google Maps or even Google search engine, and now everyone can't access those who don't have a life.

VPNS are an important tool for getting around all of these geographical limitations. You can access these sites when you connect to servers in different countries, so VPNS are a useful tool for travelers.

Save money on car rentals and airline tickets.

Another nice thing VPN does for you is get cheaper hotel reservations, car rentals, and airfare prices. You can get special discounts and pricing by connecting to servers in different countries/cities that you wouldn't otherwise be able to access.

For example, suppose you're traveling in Mississauga, Canada, and staying at a nice hotel. If you visit specific hotel websites in the United States, you may have to pay a hefty fee because you're not a local.

However, if connected to the city server, you can access the same local booking price, which can greatly reduce the cost. If your travel budget is limited, the same goes for car rental and airfare.

10. Work safely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before working from home, it was a luxury offered by their respective companies. However, things have changed dramatically since the coronavirus outbreak, and some industries have been hit hard. Countries from all over the world are locked down across the state.

At the same time, the organization sent employees instructions to work remotely. If you've never worked from home, this can be a huge challenge. After all, working in an office in a collaborative environment with colleagues and team leaders is different from working remotely. You could also fall victim to COVID-19 fears about software security.

VPNS with special IP will greatly aid remote working and collaboration. With your office webmaster, you can securely exchange information online and use strong privacy to protect against malware, viruses, and hackers' attacks and fraud.

Are you considering whether to buy a VPN? If so, try FlyGateVPN, which is now free to use.

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