The year 2022 applies to Brazil's best VPN.

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Your international accounts such as Netflixus and e-banking may be blocked when visiting Brazil. Brazilians, including TVBrasil and Google, were unable to access local services. On top of that, the government monitors citizens' online activities and requires ISPs to keep user data for 12 months.

My team and I tested 85 VPNS to find the best fit for Brazil to bypass geographic blocking and protect your data. For a smooth media experience, everyone can provide you with a Brazilian IP address and super fast speed. In addition, advanced encryption, kill switches, and no-log policies ensure your online security.

FlyGateVPN is my top choice in Brazil as it offers easy access to local and international services without significantly slowing down. At the same time, it provides maximum protection through military security functions. You can try FlyGateVPN as it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All of the VPNS on my list have a global network of servers (including those in Brazil) that can help you unlock what you need. They also include high-end security features to keep your data secure without compromising speed. You can even connect multiple devices at the same time.

Even beginners can use these VPNS because they are very friendly and some people support Portuguese. In addition, subscriptions are risk-free because they include a money-back guarantee.

FlygateVPN is not a problem circumventing geographical limitations. I used it to unlock all major media platforms in Brazil (including my Netflixus and ESPN+ accounts) with a huge network of servers in 90 countries. I tested three FlygateVPN servers in Brazil, accessing TVBrasil, Telecine or Globoplay in less than 10 seconds.

The speed is also impressive. FlyGateVPN's smart location feature will automatically connect to the best available server based on my location and latency. I recorded average download speeds of 88.4 MBPS and 27.12 MBPS on the recommended servers. UHD only requires 25Mbps, so you can transmit traffic from anywhere in the world without buffering.

Your online identity is secure with VPN's high-tech security measures. It is located in the British Virgin Islands. In addition to 5/9/14 data sharing, it also follows a no-log policy. This means that your private information will not be collected or shared. Use of DNS/IPV6/WebRTC leak protection can also prevent exposure to accidents. When testing FlyGateVPN, I didn't find any leaks. Even if the VPN suddenly disconnects and terminates the switch (network lock), your Internet connection is automatically terminated to avoid a potential data leak.

In addition, the most advanced security protocols protect your privacy, including the highly secure OpenVPN and the ultra-fast Lightway protocol. In addition to military AES256 encryption, it also uses PerfectfordSecrecy to protect your data. It not only protects my current connections, but also my data from past and future conversations. In addition, FlygateVPN uses TrustedServer technology (a RAM-based server), so all your information is deleted each time you reboot.

Because user-friendly apps are good for beginners. You can even switch to Portuguese. The Mediastreamer feature allows me to access US streaming services. Without the FlyGateVPN app (like my smart TV), it can be used with game consoles. If you want to try something a little more advanced, you can use FlyGateVPN.

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