Why is your Internet privacy at risk?

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We all know, but a lot of times, we don't care or think it's better. But the number of companies and criminals using our data is growing.

Lock the front door before you go to bed. You do this to avoid unwanted visitors to your house. However, your computer, tablet and phone are freely accessible on the Internet. In many ways, compared to an unlocked front door. This is the image of most of us relaxing with digital and personal information.

Why does A VPN protect your device and privacy?

How to protect your online data in minutes?

That's why you might be in danger.

All internet-enabled devices have a unique ID number, called an IP address, that can be used to track your device. Without an IP address, it is difficult to operate online. For example, when you visit a website, send an email, or fill out a contact form.

Your IP address is free to use, which is bad news for you. First, your Internet provider and the authorities can monitor your online activities through the traces left by your IP address.

Secondly, it may make you vulnerable to hackers and other malicious people. Other seemingly innocent combinations of numbers can serve as a direct backdoor to your entire digital life.

What is a VPN?

It's easy and quick to protect your privacy using a VPN. When you connect a device to a VPN server, all traffic in and out of the device is routed through it. This means that when you use the device, it is not your own IP address, but the IP address of the VPN server.

The latest security standards protect 100% connection between your device and VPN server. If you use one of our recommended VPN providers, you certainly have no traceability.

  • That's it. You're safe online. No one can see which websites you visit, and no one can use IP addresses.

  • Choose your VPN carefully.

  • You need to choose one of our recommended VPN providers.

The reason is that rules on how much user information companies need to store vary from country to country. Of course, VPN providers must comply with national/regional laws.

But as we explained above, the advantage of VPNS is that no one can monitor what you're doing. Therefore, if the intelligence services and other authorities were able to demand information from users or their use of the service, this would directly defeat its purpose. The US and UK authorities are among those with easy access to information. Scandinavia doesn't need much.

Therefore, in our review of VPN services, we attach great importance to the privacy laws of VPN services. There's no point protecting your privacy with a VPN if you can decide to request information.

As a result, vendors in the world's best VPN list are high on the list of countries/regions where privacy is valued.

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